Hunt Slonem to Release First Collection in New Digital Art Series, The Hunt Slonem Experience

Artist: Hunt Slonem

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January 19, 2024
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The inaugural collection will feature the artist’s iconic bunnies series and will be available for purchase on starting April 2024.

New York, NY—, the new fine-art-centric platform bridging digital and physical art, is pleased to announce details of famed artist Hunt Slonem’s first-ever generative art project, The Hunt Slonem Experience, an ongoing series of limited-release digital drops features variations on Slonem’s most iconic motifs. The project is created in collaboration with Slonem’s studio, Notable’s team of art experts, and Web3 designers, who developed an algorithm reflective of Slonem’s deep relationship with materiality and creative meditation. The inaugural collection will launch on April 2024 and be available for purchase at

For the first offering in his new series, Slonem takes his distinctive, decades-long practice of painting bunnies in bold colors and expressive brushwork into the digital. Created from a hand-picked selection of Slonem’s favorite bunny paintings, this first-of-its-kind collection features over 900 unique, digital works based on visual elements from the artist’s oeuvre. Each offering is also complemented by a physical museum-quality reproduction of the unique digital work, connecting collectors with the physicality of Slonem’s artistry. 

Entitled The Hunt Slonem Experience: Digital Bunny Retrospective, this introductory collection is an extension of Hunt’s long-standing routine of creating daily ritual paintings, most often of bunnies, as gestural warm-ups and to experiment with color play. Slonem’s bunny paintings have grown in numbers exponentially throughout his career, and are perhaps the subject matter for which the artist is best known. The Hunt Slonem Experience: Digital Bunny Retrospective honors the profound quotidian element of his practice with each offering positioned as its own “snapshot in time” featuring unique titles, colors, and variations based on the day and time. 

All artworks are individually numbered, titled, and digitally signed by the artist to ensure authenticity and are available for $1,500 each. Utilizing the blockchain ledger, buyers and sellers are able to trace the provenance of the 1:1 digital and physical works. Collectors also become instantly eligible for additive offerings— special one-off digital works for existing owners that spontaneously drop into their digital wallets at no additional cost. 

Born in 1951 under the sign of the rabbit in the Chinese zodiac, Slonem feels a strong connection to the subject. His bunny paintings have been a significant source of inspiration both in settling on a specific theme and being able to experiment with an abundance of media such as diamond dust and metallic paint as well as mediums ranging from sculpture to printmaking.  This is the artist’s first time working in digital media and marks a historic moment in his career. With the Year of the Rabbit coming to an end, The Hunt Slonem Experience: Digital Bunny Retrospective is an apt time for the artist to extend his iconic imagery into the digital realm, which Slonem views as an inspiring new reality.

“I’m looking forward to bringing the energy from my physical works into the digital realm,” said Slonem. “Hopefully this journey will bring joy and upliftment to new audiences. I’m always happy to branch into new territories.” 

A Hunt Slonem Experience: Digital Bunny Retrospective is the inaugural launch for, a revolutionary high-end platform bridging the physical and digital art ownership experience. Conceived by auction-house veteran, art advisor, collector and entrepreneur, Zain Talyarkhan, in conjunction with a team of leading industry experts across the fields of fine art, tech, and finance, Notable partners directly with leading visual artists to bring their work into the digital space while integrating unique artist prints and/or original artworks alongside each digital work, validating and sustaining the underlying value.  

In addition to owning the twinned digital and physical offerings, Notable collectors will enjoy complimentary perks, including new curated drops, exclusive event access, and behind-the-scenes experiences, creating immersive one-of-kind engagement opportunities for the Notable community.

“Existing digital art marketplaces are designed for Web3-native audiences. Notable is the first digital art platform created by the art world for the art world,” says Talyarkhan. “We partner directly with commercially— and curatorially—successful contemporary artists to bring their work to the next logical medium. It is an honor to partner with Hunt for our inaugural offering and look forward to introducing his iconic practice to a global audience through digital media and engaging his community in ways never seen before." 

Notable's platform is designed to provide a frictionless experience for traditional collectors, mainstream audiences, and Web3-native consumers alike. Its user-friendly interface offers an intuitive marketplace where collectors can easily buy and sell digital and physical artworks with just a few clicks. Notable allows users to purchase and sell their art with or without a crypto wallet, utilizing fiat or digital currencies as they prefer. 

With a number of international artists in discussion with the platform, Notable continues to expand its reach, announcing new partnerships and digital art launches within the next year. 

About is a production studio, blockchain-enabled issuance platform, and marketplace for digital art assets. We produce original digital works complemented by unique prints and curate the collectors' experience, bridging the gap between digital and physical art. Through Notable, buyers are able to unlock exclusive benefits, additional drops, and behind-the-scenes access, creating an unparalleled art ownership journey that encompasses both the physical and digital realms. 

Notable's sophisticated user-friendly interface caters to both mainstream collectors and Web3-native audiences, simplifying the purchasing and selling of digital art. With a global team of experts in fine art, tech, and finance, Notable provides a carefully curated selection of high-end works of art and personalized white-glove service, ensuring a premier customer experience for all clients. 

About Hunt Slonem

Hunt Slonem is an acclaimed American artist known for his vibrant and expressive artistic style, characterized by his distinctive use of bold colors and repetitive brushstrokes. Through his fascination with wildlife and exotic subjects and ability to capture the natural world with a sense of energy and whimsy, the artist has successfully turned his signature bunny, butterfly, and bird motifs into widely popularized contemporary icons. 

Throughout his career, Slonem has gained international recognition, with his artwork showcased in numerous galleries and museums worldwide. His pieces are featured in over 250 institutional collections, including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Smithsonian Institute, and the Fundació Joan Miró. 

Apart from his artistic pursuits, Slonem is also an avid collector and has amassed an extensive collection of art, antiques, and artifacts. His eclectic taste and passion for collecting have influenced his creative process, inspiring him to create immersive environments that blend various styles and eras. 


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Artist: Hunt Slonem

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